Easy Exercises To Burn Fat – The Simplest Fat Burners

Fat. What is it good for? Precisely nothing other than keeping us warm in the cold months of the year, but even then it still gives us no benefit since being fat leads to many health risks and self-esteem issues.

The exercises we cover today you have most probably already done so it shouldn’t be an issue to get back into doing them since they are highly attainable.

Today we will discuss the 5 most efficient and easy exercises to burn fat so that you can shake off any loose flab with an acceptable amount of effort. These exercises are all very common and accessible so don’t worry about them being too difficult to perform or demanding.



This is probably the most common ‘go to’ exercise for people who are looking to lose fat as it is straightforward and can be very rewarding when considerable effort is put in. This exercise without a doubt is one of the best calorie and fat burners and it is also an effective way to keep your heart rate up. Furthermore, it is also one of the most accessible exercises as it is literally just walking at a faster pace so if you can walk then you can run/jog.

If running is an issue for you then try jogging as an alternative since it is equally effective since you’re doing the same action and the only thing that is changing is the pace so this is the second best thing, if not better depending on how many calories you burn between the two.

If you have a local gym you will most probably find treadmills there which you can run on just in case you feel more comfortable running indoors.


Cycling is another very common and popular cardio exercise which just like running helps you lose fat through burning calories. When you are cycling you should make sure that your heart rate increases and that you sweat so you are burning as many calories as you can so that you will shed the fat at a quicker speed.

You should try cycling to work, school or anywhere that you can get to using some form of transport so rather than taking a bus, taxi or using a car you can burn calories riding a bike so you are getting somewhere you need/want to go whilst also getting fitter by burning fat!

Just like running, you can almost certainly find an exercise bike in your local gym so if you don’t have a bike then you can go to the gym and use an exercise bike there which is just as good as cycling outside

Circuit Training – The Spartacus Workout

Circuit training is also a very popular method and style of training which many believe in because it is very dynamic for different purposes but most importantly because it works!

Today we will look at The Spartacus workout since it is very oriented around fat shredding. This workout has one requirement which is dumbbells and consists of the following exercises:

  1. Clap Push-Up
  2. Squats
  3. Single Leg-Dumbbell Calf Raise
  4. Dumbbell Lunge And Rotation
  5. Stick Crunch
  6. Mountain Climbers
  7. Split Jumps
  8. Dumbbell Push Presses.


Ideally you want to perform each of these exercises for 1 minute, move on to the next exercise in 15 seconds, then break for 2 minutes after finishing a circuit and try this for 3 rounds.

Above are some of the main exercises which I would advise you try if you are willing to give this circuit a go and yes these are more complex than the other exercises but it is very good for fat burning and is highly accessible since you only need a dumbbell and can do it in your house which is why I believe it deserves to be on this list.


Swimming provides you with the benefits of cardio which will help you lose weight and tone your body so swimming is a very well-rounded exercise to participate in, but a pool is required for this so hopefully you have access to a local swimming baths.

The best stroke for calorie burning is butterfly, however it is among the most difficult to learn so just start with a stroke you are the most comfortable with since they all help you burn calories and lose weight.

When you are swimming your body will be building strength and toning your muscles whilst also maintaining a healthy pair of lungs, heart and weight so swimming is definitely one of the best exercises.

Implementing A Schedule And Results

Now that you know which exercises will be the most beneficial towards your weight/fitness goals I would recommend that you try as many of these as you can at least once so that you know which of these work best for you and that you feel the most comfortable doing. Once you have decided which exercises you enjoy the most you should implement them into your schedule and do each of them on a rotation. For example, swapping exercises around per training session so that one day you might do running and the next you might try cycling etc. so that way you are getting the maximum potential results from all the hard work you are putting in!

Today we covered 5 very accessible and effective fat burners that would be of use to anyone looking to shred fat, control weight and tone their body. Just remember to do these exercises for as long as you feel comfortable and to never go over the limit that you have set for yourself but at the same time don’t underestimate yourself because you will have different boundaries from anyone else who will read this and it is important to work as hard as you can but also as safely as possible.

There were some exercises that required equipment (dumbbells) so if you are in need of these then I would recommend these dumbbells here as they are sold at a great price and for what you get, it’s a bargain. Additionally, dumbbells are an important piece of equipment when it comes to working out since they can be used in all kinds of exercises.

Ideally, workout whenever you have spare time but I would recommend that you train about 2-3 days a week because it is important to stick with an active and healthy schedule to see results as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions I will be more than happy to help so feel free to leave a comment.

Best regards, Kyle





6 thoughts on “Easy Exercises To Burn Fat – The Simplest Fat Burners

  1. Good Info here. I like running and cycling. If I jog and walk (alternately) 2-3 miles a day I can eat anything I want and still stay a size 6. I only have to jog or bike 4 days (sometimes 5) in a week. On the days I don’t jog, I go to President’s health club and do the training there. Its amazing what just one hour a day will do.

    1. Absolutely Joan, it is staggering what 1 hour per day can achieve for someone who has fitness goals and works out regularly.
      Wish you all the best with your training 🙂

  2. I like that these exercises are all easy to do and doesn’t require any special equipment. I’m all for convenience, so if I can just “get up and go anytime”, makes me more motivated to continue my workout routine.

    When we make things difficult, we’re only going to burn ourselves out and give up. The secret is to make it easy, sustainable, and free, as you’ve clearly shown us here.

    Thanks for the great guide. I’ll be back for more!

    1. Hi Brandon,
      The ‘get up and go exercises’ were exactly what I was trying to present in this article for those that have a local gym and those that don’t, so that way everyone is included.
      Thanks for the kind words and look forward to seeing you again.
      Best regards.

  3. Hello Kyle, great post!!! I need to get back into running and jogging a lot like I used to. I cycle almost every day of the week, riding about 40 miles per day. I love to go swimming, but I only go swimming during the summer time. There is a recreational center by my house that has a swimming pool, and is available all year around. I will need to take advantage of that. One more thing, I need to start doing circuit training. I have never done it before, and I am excited to try it out. Thanks again for the article, I wish you nothing but success!!!

    1. Hello Ahmad, Thank you for the kind words and it’s great to hear that you are physically very active and that you are benefiting from this article.
      Good luck with your training and if you have any enquiries I will be more than happy to help you out.
      In return I also wish you nothing but success!
      Kind regards, Kyle

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