Everyone Active – An Honest Review

You may or may not have already heard of ‘Everyone Active’, and for those that haven’t it is a sports and leisure company that is well-known in the UK. Personally, I have spent the majority of my exercise life using an everyone active gym which is why I think it will be a good idea to review it and let you know my opinion and thoughts on everyone active.

This article will be split into 4 sections:

  1. Staff. We will talk about how friendly and helpful the staff are along with their availability in the gym.
  2. Equipment. We will discuss the variability of the gym equipment and how effective it is towards strengthening your body.
  3. Fitness Classes. We’ll talk about the classes which are available for you to join in with and what they capitalize on.
  4. Alternate Information. We’ll discuss anything else such as open times, facilities etc.


First of all, the staff at everyone active is incredible as they are friendly, sociable and will help you with anything you might want to know about. The majority of the time the staff will be helping people around the gym because they are hard-working and genuinely care about the customers experience.

Whether you are new to the fitness scene or have been working out for a while now, the staff will always be open to help out and give you tips to point you in the right direction to achieve your fitness goals so don’t be nervous to ask for help if you are new to this gym. Furthermore, there is always staff available every day and all week-long which shows the availability they have and the time they can spend helping you and answering any of your questions.

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The equipment that is found in these gyms is amazing because there is so much variation and honestly, there isn’t one thing that I want that isn’t already on there. Every body part you might be targeting will have a machine dedicated to it. From legs to back to triceps there is a machine for everything which is why this gym is my favorite because there is always another piece of gym equipment to try out and if you don’t like some of it, that is absolutely fine because there are still lots more to use anyway.

I will list some pieces of equipment for popular training types to give you an insight as to what equipment there is available:

  • Equipment for cardio training there are treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals (stepping machines).
  • Equipment for upper body strength training there is a bicep curl machine, chest press, 3lat pull-down and many more.
  • One more commonly targeted area is legs so equipment available for them is seated leg extension, seated leg press and hip abduction/adduction and many more.

The equipment mentioned above is only a section of the overall available equipment and hopefully I have given you a taste of the most common types of equipment available here.

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Fitness classes at everyone active emphasize how much they care about you and helping you achieve your fitness goals as there is a good variety to choose from. A few common classes are Boxercise, HIIT, MMA and a high intensity exercise bike workout.

Boxercise focuses on circuit-based exercises with boxing themed training and is no-contact. You get the opportunity to tone your upper body and increase strength and stamina and is a great class for all fitness levels, so if you like boxing but only the exercise side of it this would be a wise choice for you.

HIIT is a very high intensity oriented workout that is done in a short amount of time. Doing this you will get a maximum workout in the quickest period of time so if you’re a busy person then this is the right one for you. In addition, it is interval training so make sure you are ready for lots of anaerobic exercise such as short sprints and other explosive exercises.

MMA is all about learning to defend yourself by combining all the martial arts (boxing, jiu jitsu etc) into one sport which is particularly good for learning if you want the most complex form of defense training. Training drills will be taken from the most popular combat sports and put into this class. This is especially good if you just want all round defense training.

Finally, there is a very high intensity exercise bike workout class which is pretty self-explanatory and is a bit like HIIT except it is done on the bike. There will be an instructor at the front telling you what speed to go and when to slow down for a break. This would be ideal for someone who likes to go on bike journeys and/or is interested in buffing up their legs.

These classes that are listed are only a few examples so if you are interested in any of these fitness classes get in touch with the reception area at any everyone active gym or if you’re not interested but might be interested in another class then be sure to ask the receptionists or other members of staff what else there is available.

Alternate Information.

Other information about this UK-based gym company such as the open times, facilities and more I will cover in this section here.

The only real criticism that I would give is that I don’t believe there are any changing rooms aside from the ones downstairs which are for the swimming baths and the same applies for showers. In my opinion it’s not a big deal but people coming from work and that aren’t dressed appropriately would need changing rooms, so for them it would be an issue depending on how close to the gym they lived because if they lived quite far away they would have to go all the way home, get changed and then go to the gym rather than just simply getting changed at the gym.

On the other hand, the gym’s opening and closing times near me is 7:15 am – 8:30 pm all week which is great if you work until 5 pm because the gym will still have another 3 hours of open time. There are days when the gym is closed for example on holidays but that is only a few days out of the entire year!


To summarize, this gym is the best one I have been to and it gives me the best training I could ever want. I would totally recommend that you try it because I know that you will benefit from it and enjoy it just as much as me if not more!

You should definitely try this gym yourself because if you have fitness goals you want to achieve then this is the gym for you!

Best regards, Kyle





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