Fast Weight Loss Exercises – Shaking The Weight Off

So you want to know what exercises will burn the most fat? Well that is exactly what today will be about.

Along with the exercises we will clearly indicate what type of training (i.e interval, weight etc.) they are a part of and how to do them so that you know what kind of exercises to expect from each section. Obviously, it is essential that to see efficient results you will need to have a diet which consists of healthy foods.

It is important to note how essential a diet is towards burning weight and here we touch on a healthy and balanced diet so I would fully recommend that you take a look at that and organize a diet (unless you already have one) before expecting to see effective results from the exercises we will discuss.

Remember to warm up before performing these exercises!

High Intensity Interval Training

(HIIT) is a very popular form of ‘weight loss’ training as it gets your heart rate going and your blood pumping. This is a form of anaerobic exercise which means that it is very explosive and all about pushing your body to its limit for a short amount of time, then repeating this.

HIIT is a more effective fat burner than cardio training because in short explosive bursts your body is using sugar to supply you with energy and invigorate you. Also, during the rest periods your workout fat is being used to help your body recover, same applies post exercise.

Great exercises that can be done for interval training are:

100 metre sprint

Exercise bike ‘Tabata’ workout

Skipping/jump rope workout


100 metre sprint: Probably one of the most self-explanatory exercises out there.


  • Set a 100-metre mark on a field or maybe if you have access to a treadmill set a distance to travel before slowing you down.
  • Then, sprint as fast as you can and when you reach the 100-metre mark, walk back to where you started to keep the blood flowing and give you a little rest and repeat this an appropriate amount of times until you feel very tired.


Exercise bike ‘Tabata’ workout: This is a 1 interval/very short exercise since it only lasts 4 minutes however it will require you to train as hard as you possibly can and by the end of it you should feel very exhausted and incapable of continuing.

  • For this use an exercise bike and before starting the workout, warm up to prepare your legs for the extreme amount of work they are about to do.
  • Now once you have warmed up and adjusted the resistance of the pedals so that your legs are putting effort in but only a right amount like you are riding a bike on a flat path.
  • Then sprint as hard as you can for 20 seconds and ride the bike slowly for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat this 8 times so that it amounts to 4 minutes and then warm down at the end for a few minutes to release lactic acid.

Skipping/Jump rope: Doing this will require you to select a time that you would be comfortable jumping rope for and each interval you will be reducing that time by 30 seconds so make sure that you pick a time that is challenging for you, but at the same time something that is doable. I would suggest 2-3 minutes to start with and see how you do. If it’s too easy raise it, if it’s too hard lower it.

  • For 2 minutes perform as many jump revolutions as possible
  • Rest and recover for 2 minutes
  • For 1 and a half minutes perform as many jump revolutions as possible
  • Recover for 1 and a half minutes
  • Repeat this until you get down to 30 seconds and then after you have done your final set of jump revolutions, rest for 3 minutes and try to do this 1 or 2 times more.


Weight Training

Although people believe that weight training is only a type of training that is effective for gaining muscle and bulking up, this is not so! It is proven that weight training is actually one of the best training forms to go for when looking to burn off that unwanted fat.

One of the reasons behind the effectivity of weight training are that the bigger the muscles, the more calories that are being burned along with more fat. Strength training has high Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption which means that the metabolism rate is raised after exercise for a prolonged period of time.

With this being said you are probably ready to know about some of the most effective strength training exercises for losing weight, so Let’s GO!


Push Press: This exercise is best done with a barbell and is a very good shoulder exercise so not only will you be burning fat but also building up your shoulders. To do this:

  • Grasp barbell with an overhand grip just a slight bit wider than shoulder width
  • Now position the bar chest high and pull your head back so the bar is resting on your shoulders
  • Then, dip your body by bending your knees and now push the bar directly up in an explosive manner, extending your arms entirely.
  • Return the barbell to your shoulders to repeat this.

Squats: A fairly straightforward exercise and you might be thinking that this doesn’t require weights and it doesn’t but doing this exercise with weights is great and adds more work into the squats exercise than just standard squats. For this exercise you will need either 2 dumbbells, a barbell, kettlebell or a weight plate. To do this:

  • With dumbbells, place one arm on either side of your body with the dumbbells in your hands. The dumbbells should be right next to your legs and your legs should be shoulder width apart.
  • Now, standing upright lower your back down by bending your legs and continue to lower yourself so long as you feel comfortable and your dumbbells should be just above the ground.
  • Next, push yourself back up using your legs until you are back in starting position and repeat this as many times as you can comfortably.

If you’re doing this with a barbell then you should have your starting position with the barbell resting on your upper back and not your neck and then lower yourself accordingly. Furthermore, using a kettlebell you will want to hold it up to your chest and as you drop make sure it stays there. Finally, doing this with a weight plate, hold the plate with your arms extended parallel with your chest and do the exercise keeping it in that position.

Lunge Twist: A dumbbell, medicine ball or kettlebell can all be used for this exercise however they all can be used in the exact same way as one another. To do this:

  • Stand up straight and hold the kettlebell with 2 hands and hold it just in front of your chest.
  • Then, put one leg in front of the other so that you can bend your other knee at a 90 degree angle and doing this should put full weight on your lead foot.
  • Now as you are bending your back leg and leaning your body forwards, bring the kettlebell to the side that the front leg is on and then stand back up to starting position to repeat this action.


Bodyweight Weight Burners

Not all of the exercises which burn weight efficiently require machinery and other gym equipment so here we will talk about exercises which you can do anywhere! These exercises are generally found in circuit training programs so you may already know them.


Burpees: People have mixed ideas on this one. Personally, I like it and love the benefits that this exercise can bring. Benefits of this include the fact that it is an all-round body exercise so the majority of the main muscle groups such as arms, chest, legs and arms are included within this exercise and you don’t even need any equipment to do it with! People have made burpee oriented workouts because of how ruthless it can be but I would encourage you to try these due to their efficiency so let’s go through how to do them:

  • The starting position is with you standing up with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Now squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • From the bottom of the squat place the palms of your hands onto the floor and kick your legs out behind which will get you into a press-up position.
  • Then, push your body up until your arms are fully extended out and then reverse this so you are back in the bottom of the squat position by bringing your legs back inwards.
  • Finally, jump upwards so you are about 6 or 7 inches off the floor and repeat this.

Sit Ups: Everyone’s favorite, sit ups. This is as straightforward as they come because you literally just sit up but as simple as it is does not change how effective it is and there are still ways to get it wrong so here is the correct way to do it:

  • Lay on the floor with knees bent up and a straight back, even better if you can find something to stop them from moving such as someone holding them down or if you have something to wedge/hook your feet into then that is great as well.
  • Place your hands around the back of your head and tense your core as you pull your upper body towards your legs. Make sure that your body is in a V shape to do it as good as can be.
  • Now lower your body back into the starting position in a controlled fashion so your core is still tense on the way back down.

Push-Ups: Another exercise which is very common and you will probably know but people make mistakes doing this too, all the time which is why it’s important that we cover how to do it correctly so that you know the correct formation and ensure that you are doing it 100%

  • Your starting position will be supporting your weight using your toes and the palms of your hands. Make sure that your back is straight because this is a big thing that many tend to do wrong. A straight line should form from your head, to your glutes and heels.
  • Next, lower your body by bending your elbows until your face is approximately an inch from the floor.
  • Now with full power drive your body straight back up until your arms are fully extended again.

Just like sit ups, although this is seen as straightforward that doesn’t cancel out the efficiency of the exercise and the fact that many people still get it wrong because they overlook it and don’t bother to perfect their posture during these exercises.



When Will The Weight Burn?

A lot of people expect weight to burn off them with the click of their fingers and don’t know how extensive losing weight can actually be.

A diet is essential to burning weight which we covered in this article here and it is important to do the right exercises that support your plan because if you do the exercises that don’t directly benefit what you are training for then, although you are benefiting from those exercises in a different way you won’t be achieving what you want. This could then cause you to lose motivation and stop training altogether so in short it is a necessity to use a plan for a diet, exercises/workouts and enough rest for your body to recover.

The exercises we covered today will hopefully motivate you to try them out and I strongly suggest you would because these are some of the best for shredding weight and gaining what you want out of fitness.


If you have any inquiries then please leave a comment below and I wish you all the best.


Kind regards, Kyle





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