How To Get Stronger Arms – An In-depth Guide

A lot of people over complicate the process of gaining muscle by thinking about how to do it too much. To be honest it is a very straightforward and simple process that requires little more than a good diet, the right exercises and a good amount of rest.

Today we are going to go through all 3 of these components thoroughly so that you will understand exactly what is required to succeed at each individual part of the gaining muscle process, and for today gaining stronger arms.


Schedule – This will be focused on how many times you should work out per week and how much rest you should have in between training sessions.

A Good And Balanced Diet

Here we will talk about what you should definitely try to eat for maximum muscle building and repairing and also what you should eat for the best workout performance.

For breakfast, you should eat scrambled egg on toast or oatmeal since these are both meals that contain lots of protein as egg is loaded with 13g of protein and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, the toast will be good for carbohydrates.

On the other hand, oatmeal is all round very good for your body since it is a gluten free whole grain which is very good for vitamins, minerals and fiber and also contains 24g of protein! It is said that oatmeal can lower blood pressure by several points and also has many more health benefits so if you are deciding between the 2 oatmeal is definitely higher on the list in my opinion.Drinks that you would benefit from a lot for breakfast would be coffee and fresh orange juice because coffee would give you the energy for the day and can actually cause fat cells to be used as an energy source. Additionally, caffeine in black coffee will increase your metabolism which makes you burn more calories throughout the day.

Fresh orange juice however is all round healthy for the body since it balances blood pressure, is a great source of Vitamin C, boosts the immune system and much more. In my opinion I would recommend the fresh orange juice a lot more since the benefits outweigh that of coffee by a lot.


Ideally, meals that you want for lunch should be high in protein and energy so food like beef and chicken are among my personal favorites since they bring out the best in me when I go to the gym.

Chicken is one of the best muscle building foods since it repairs and helps build muscle through its high amount of protein. Additionally, it keeps your bones strong and healthy since it is rich in nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium. Chicken helps in many other ways to such as heart health, boosting testosterone levels and more which is why it’s my number one.


Beef on the other hand, is also very high in protein and is my second most recommended food for lunch as it includes zinc, vitamin B12, phosphorus and more. It includes nutrients very similar to chicken but the extra nutrients that chicken has is what holds chicken on a higher scale for me. For a drink to go with this I would advise a glass of milk or maybe some water.


Finally, for dinner you will probably have worked out already so you will without a doubt be tired and your muscles will probably be aching so a meal such as chicken thighs and sweet potatoes or a chicken curry with rice would be my most recommended as they both contain chicken which is great for repairing and gaining muscle.

A drink to go with these would be a protein shake or a glass of milk since they both are great for muscle progression and relaxing your body after a hard days work.

Chicken thighs are in my recommended because they are easy to make and very tasty so it is quite rewarding after a long day of hard work. The exact same applies for curry which is why these 2 are what I’d recommend for a post workout meal.

Exercises For Increased Arm Strength

Here we will talk about what the most effective exercises are to gaining muscle for your arms, how to do them correctly and how many sets/reps you should do along with them.
First exercise is the bicep curl. This exercise requires only a dumbbell and you guessed it, it focuses on your bicep. How many reps you should do all depends on the weight you’re lifting. For example, lifting as much as you can you should only do 5-10 reps however if you were lifting a low amount you might do 15-20 reps.

To do this exercise correctly, sit down/stand up with a straight back and with a dumbbell in either or both hands raise them if your hands are down or lower them if your hands are up. Repeat this however many times you feel is necessary and then take a rest. Ideally, do about 3 sets. This exercise will help your deltoids (shoulders) and involves lifting a barbell above your head. Again, if you’re lifting a heavy weight then only do 5-10 reps and a lighter weight aim for 15-20 reps and aim for 3 sets to ensure that you are getting the most beneficial workout possible.

To do this exercise, stand with the bar on your shoulders and make sure your legs and back are straight. Then push the bar up to the point where your elbows lock. Lower the bar then repeat this process the necessary amount of times.Next up for triceps we have the tricep pushdown which is another very good arm exercise and excellent for the triceps. This exercise has a different way to change weight and if you go to a local gym you will know how to change weight on these types of machines but for those that don’t there is something that looks like a plug and you stick that into the weight that you wish to choose. Same applies for this exercise in the terms of weight difference-rep difference and aim for 2-3 sets.

To do this exercise, select your weight on the machine, then with your back as straight as possible grab the handle/handles and pull them down to around your hip region and then relax your muscles a bit until the machine pulls the handle back up and when it’s at your chin area pull it back down and then repeat the process to your hearts content.Finally, we have the wrist roller which will strengthen your forearms and essentially you will strap weights/a weight to the center of the bar and rotate the bar so that the weights will go up and down. Doing this exercise you can consider 1 roll up and down as 1 rep or you could maybe say that only 1 roll up OR down is 1 rep it entirely depends on you however the former will be more challenging since you are putting in more work.

To do this exercise grab the wrist roller with your palms and have your feet shoulder width apart. Then, lift both arms until they are parallel to the ground directly in front. Rotate a single wrist at a time in an upward motion until the weight reaches the top and then start rolling the weight back down. Repeat this process just like so.


I hope this section has been beneficial for you as we have now covered 1 exercise in each of the main muscle groups in the arm and all of these exercises are exceptional so long as they are followed properly. I hope you will give each of these a go and that you enjoy them as much as I do.

Setting Up A Schedule

In this part we will focus on how many times you should work out per week and how much rest you should have in between training sessions.
Now that all the hard work is out of the way the only thing that you will want to do is sleep so that your body can repair your muscles and make them stronger!

Preferably, you will want to work out 3 times a week, but no more than 5 because that will overwork your body and not give it enough time to rest and repair so it is very important to make sure that you get the necessary rest so that your body will be able to perform as good as possible. At the same time though you need to be exercising and putting the work in to get the results that you want so try to make 3 times per week as a must if you want to see the hard work paying off.

If you train 1 hour per session and do this 3 times a week then that will definitely pay off and if you stay committed to this you will see the results you want but it is very important to stick to a schedule and select what days you can train so that your body will get in the rhythm of training at these times. Although I’m sure you might work or go to school every week day try to train before or after work/school and you will notice the difference!

Your Results Are Waiting For You!

I hope I helped you out today and that you benefited from this article. Just remember the importance of the 3 key components to gaining strength: A good diet, the exercises and the schedule. These all work hand in hand with each other and will be essential to you on achieving your goals!

If you have any inquiries please feel free to comment below.

Best regards, Kyle

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